Meeting with German historians, social activists and museum colleagues

4 Aug 2017
Description August 4, 2017 a delegation of German historians, social activists and museum colleagues visited the Museum of Political History of Russia. The delegation is traveling to memorable places connected with the history of the 1917 revolution and the history of the Gulag.
The Foundation for the Study of the SED Dictatorship organized the trip. (SED - Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands, the Socialist Unity Party of Germany).

The delegation visited the exhibition "Man and Power in Russia in the XIX-XXI centuries", "Soviet era: between utopia and reality," "Revolution in Russia. 1917-1922", temporary exhibitions.

After the excursion in the White Hall of the museum, the guests met the General Director of the Museum Evgeniy Artemov. They discussed the aspects of the history of the museum, the concept of its development, as well as relevant issues of Russian history.

The German Bundestag in 1998 formed the Foundation for the Study of SED Dictatorship. The Foundation sees its mission as a mediator between public initiatives on the processing of the past dictatorship and the world of science, politics, media and the press.