Working hours:
Su, Mo, Tu, We, Fr, Sa: 10.00-18.00
The ticket office closes an hour before the museum closure time
Closed: on Thursdays and last Monday of every month; also on 1,2, 7 January, 1 May.

Address of the State Museum of Political History of Russia:
2-4 Kuibysheva St., Saint-Petersburg (M. "Gorkovskaya")

Visitors can use an audioguide for the expositions "The Soviet Epoch: Between Utopia And Reality" (available in English, German, French) and  memorials rooms, "The Secretariat  of Bolshevik Party", "Vladimir Lenin's  Office" (available in English, German). We also offer an audio-pen (available in English, German, Spanish), the interactive audio-guide, for the expositions: "Man and State Power in Russia in the 19th – 21st Centuries", "Revolution in Russia: 1917 - 1922", "Matilda Kshesinskaya: Fouettes of Fate". All expositions have introducing texts in English. 

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